We are very conscious of our commitment to provide a safe and enjoyable camping experience and hope that by setting a few guidelines we can manage the area in an ecologically sustainable way.

Wilderness Camping

At Ningaloo Station all our camp sites have direct beach access; a pristine, natural and untouched coastline to enjoy a wilderness experience, living with and in harmony with nature. Enjoy wide open spaces, pristine beaches, rugged ranges, wild flowers, native fauna, fishing, photography, boating, snorkelling, whale watching, swimming... the list is never ending.

There are 5 camping areas:

  • Winderabandi Point
  • North Lefroy Bay
  • Point Billie
  • South Lefroy Bay
  • Jane’s Bay

Camping Fees

No supplies are available here so all water, fuel and food must be taken in with you. There are colour coded locked gates that ensure your campsite is available and minimises overcrowding or damage to the environment. It is a requirement that all campers register at the Homestead to collect their key and map to the designated campsite.

  • Campsites are $35 per person per week or $5 per person per day.
  • Day trip access fee is $5 per person per day.
  • Bond $100 per vehicle and 4WD bike.

You can make a booking for a campsite by completing our booking form by clicking on the below button.

Once you have submitted your form, we will email back confirmation of your request, along with our banking details for deposit payment to secure your requested booking. Please allow at least a day turn around for us to respond to your request.

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No supplies are available here so all water, fuel and food must be taken in with you.

Camping guidelines


A bond is payable upon arrival at the station.

  • The bond/s will only be returned to the person who paid it on receipt of the station key.
  • Please be advised that your bond will be forfeited and you may be requested to leave the station for contravening any of these guidelines.
  • Visitors and campers are not permitted to grant access or departure through locked gates to any person without station approval.
  • Please ensure the locked gates remain locked at all times.

All campsites are numbered.

  • Campers will be issued with a coloured and numbered key corresponding to their campsite.
  • Please only camp in the numbered campsite allocated to you. Please ensure all personal equipment is parked and contained within your campsite only.
  • Please do not occupy any other campsite, change, deface or remove campsite signs or boundary markers.
  • All campsites must be left clean of all rubbish and all structures must be removed prior to departure.
  • Eco toilets are available for hire from the homestead.
  • Eco toilets are to be used by all campers and we recommend the use of environmentally friendly "Activator" in the toilet. Eco toilet "Activator" is sold and available at the Homestead.
  • Please dispose of the toilet effluent at designated dump points only.
Fish Cleaning
  • Please do not deposit fish offal inside the reef as it will attract sharks.
  • To assist with our native tree generation program we request that all fish and frames are placed in specially selected holes. Please ask for details.
  • All rubbish must be taken to the Exmouth shire rubbish disposal site.
  • Please deposit all aluminium cans in specially marked recycling bins within your camping area.

We recommend the use of gas-fired barbeques.

  • Fires are prohibited on open ground unless contained in an approved firebox. Fire boxes and fire wood are available from Ningaloo Station homestead.
  • All charcoal is to be removed from the camp sites and deposited into the shires refuse pit.
  • Please note: All outdoors fires are prohibited from 1st October to 30th April and on high fire danger days.
  • Firewood collection is prohibited on Ningaloo station.
  • Please do not place any equipment, walk, drive on or damage the fore dunes.
  • Please ensure trailers, vehicles and camping equipment are not placed on or in the bush.
  • DO NOT under any circumstances break, cut or damage any bushes or trees.
Vehicles and Motorbikes
  • All vehicles and 4-wheel motorbikes are to be driven VERY slowly on the station roads/tracks or beach only unless contrary to signs.
  • Motorbikes and vehicles are not permitted in sand hills or off road.
  • 4-wheel motorbikes are subject to an additional bond of $100 per bike.
  • Two wheel motorbikes are prohibited on Ningaloo station.
  • Please comply with all station signs and do not deface, move or change those signs.

Please be advised that 1080 poison baits exist on Defence land.

  • All dogs must be kept under control and are not permitted to roam or chase stock or wildlife.
Station Equipment and Livestock

Station equipment is vital to our survival so please:

  • DO NOT interfere with or touch stock, windmills, tanks or troughs.
  • Do not pick up or touch lambs or young goats.

Shooting is prohibited on Ningaloo Station. All sheep, goats and fauna are protected.